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Pastor's Corner

Calling - May 2018

As we continue walking through the season of Easter, we begin to look ahead to Pentecost. On Pentecost Sunday (May 20th), we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit. We celebrate how God has gifted and called each one of us to serve him by joining in his mission of bringing hope and healing to a hurting world. We have a tremendous opportunity to observe the ways he has called and equipped us throughout the month of May.

On May 6th we'll be led in worship by our high school students. We remember the words of the prophet Joel, quoted by Peter in Acts 2, that God will pour out his Spirit on the young and old. On Youth Sunday we acknowledge that our young people are fully part of our body and that they have as much of the Spirit as any of us. They have a calling to lead us, to bless us with their skills, their passion, their calling. Of course, we also have to remember that young people must be a regular part of all we do, not merely a one-Sunday-a-year worship service.

In May we'll also be reminded of the Spirit's coming, calling, and empowering presence as we undertake a new process for calling deacons. Whereas previously we have taken nominations from the floor of spring Council meeting, nominations will now be brought to the deacon body (though folks who are not deacons may absolutely feel free to contact the deacon chairperson(s) to present a name) at our June meeting. A subset of the Deacon Board will prayerfully discern who God may be calling to become a deacon. I, as the senior pastor, will then reach out to those individuals whom we believe God is calling to talk with them about the Spirit's call, the discernment process, and whether they agree that the Spirit is calling them. As we discern together God's calling, those individuals will have their names added to the deacon ballot which will be affirmed at our November church council meeting. Another change is that while deacons will continue to serve a three-year term, with a time of review and discernment in the final year of their term, we will suggest a change to our by-laws at the fall council meeting which will no longer limit the number of consecutive terms an individual can serve as a deacon.

One of the greatest reasons for the Deacon Board adopting this revised way of discerning and calling new deacons is so that we can help folks in our congregation understand better the idea that God is calling each of us to various roles within the church and world. God's calling and the Spirit's empowerment are vital to any church. We believe that God calls and gifts each one of us to a variety of ministries inside and outside the church. As individuals, and as a community together, we must constantly strive to have listening ears. We must listen for how the Spirit is calling us to serve, but we must also discern where the Spirit may be calling others to serve, whether as deacons, into the pastoral ministry, or in other ministries within the church.

As we remember and celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit this month, may we continually seek to listen to what the Spirit is saying to his church.

~ Pastor Calvin Park, Senior Pastor

Mechanic Grove Church of the Brethren

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