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Pastor's Corner

Renewed Commitment

As we continue walking through the season of Lent and talking about change, it's important to also remember that change is an amazing opportunity for us to renew our commitment to Jesus. On the one hand, we need times to renew our commitment because we have perhaps not been as committed as we ought. On the other hand, even when we have had a superb season of following Jesus it is still beneficial for us to remember what he has done for us, remember who he is, and renew our commitment-—in our own minds and hearts-—to him.

Easter, which is fast approaching, is the season of the church year where we remember Jesus' death on the cross and-—even more!-—his resurrection from the dead. We celebrate God's amazing love for us, we celebrate his power, and we remember that the same power that brought Jesus back from the dead is available to us as we live lives for him here and now.

Sometimes, however, we need moments of reflection and activities that help us remember this new covenant we have with God in Jesus. That's why I'd like to invite you to attend Love Feast this March 29th. Love Feast is an amazing time for reflecting spiritually, for renewing commitment, for celebrating our fellowship together in Christ. Love Feast is, in our tradition, the ultimate ritual of renewed commitment. At Love Feast we take time to pause and consider, reflecting and examining our hearts. We humble ourselves and wash one another's feet as a sign of service, unity, and reconciliation (when necessary). Hand washing is also available, but the symbolism remains the same. We share a meal together, reenacting Jesus' own last supper with his disciples and looking forward to a day when Jesus returns and all his people will share in the great Agape Meal. Finally, we celebrate Holy Communion, renewing our commitment to the New Covenant in Jesus.

Perhaps you have never been to Love Feast before. Perhaps you are nervous about washing feet, or aren't sure you'll know what to do or where to sit. Come! Come, and we will help with anything you need help with. Perhaps it has been awhile since you've been at Love Feast. Life gets busy. Stuff comes up. Join us this Maundy Thursday. Don't allow all the ways that life pulls you to pull you away from this amazing chance to be together as a church family and to celebrate Jesus. Whether this is your first Love Feast or your eightieth, we can't wait to share the experience with you!

~ Pastor Calvin Park, Senior Pastor

Mechanic Grove Church of the Brethren

1392 Robert Fulton Hwy Quarryville, PA 17566 Phone: (717) 786.2723

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