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Pastor's Corner

A Prophet of Judgment and Hope - October 2018

October is one of my favorite times of the year. In October we start to see the leaves on trees change color, the smell of spices fills the air, the days begin to cool off. The Autumn is a wonderful time to grab a cup of coffee, sit by a window, and enjoy a good book, or to go outside, rake leaves, and jump in the pile. There are so many fun things to do. I have a lot of happy memories from Autumn.

One Autumn tradition that we share as a church is gathering on the first Sunday in October to celebrate Love Feast. Love Feast is a time for us to come together and remember what Jesus has done for us. It's a time to reflect on our faith, on ways we have failed God and one another, but also a time to celebrate the forgiveness that he offers and to give voice to the joy that his resurrection engenders in us. Reflection and joy. A challenge to examine our hearts, but also a time to hope. I hope you'll join us for Love Feast as we reflect on Jesus as the Bread of Life.

After Love Feast our October will continue with a new sermon series from the Book of Isaiah. Scholars typically divide the book of Isaiah into two or three parts. We will be examining passages from the first part of Isaiah, chapters 1-39, throughout the month of October and November. Isaiah is a prophet who speaks a great deal about justice, about how God's people have wronged others and walked away from God, and thus about the possibility of judgment for God's people. Some of these passages can be challenging for our modern ears. But Isaiah speaks in equal measure about the hoped for return of God, the coming of a new kingdom that rights all the wrongs we see in the world.

The twin topics of judgment and hope are a good way to summarize the book of Isaiah. When we see horrible, evil things taking place in the world we wish for God to intervene, to judge the offenders, to bring hope to those who are oppressed. Yet when we get a hint that we have perhaps done something worthy of judgment we are less enthused. Isaiah faithfully gives God's message of both judgment and hope to the people. Sometimes the same message is both hope for one group and judgment for another. As we examine these passages in Isaiah we will get to celebrate the hope that God offers and examine ourselves to see if we are guilty of the same sorts of things that those who received judgment in Isaiah were guilty of.

I'm looking forward to walking through these passages from the book of Isaiah together. God spokes to the ancient Israelites through Isaiah's words, and he speaks to us through them.

~ Pastor Calvin Park, Senior Pastor

Mechanic Grove Church of the Brethren

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