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With Grit and Grace

We rise 


We are excited to start a free women’s exercise program being launched in January 2022! Both of our journeys in faith, fitness, and growing our young families have landed us here and we are excited to share that with you!  Our goal is to connect your mind and body through exercise while listening to contemporary Christian worship music.  We will start off by offering spin & bootcamp classes in January and look forward to growing this ministry with some low impact weight training classes in the near future.  We will have childcare available if needed, just bring your stroller!  These classes are for everyone , there is no experience needed, just the willingness to be BOLD with us and step out of your comfort zone to experience a new kind of worship!  Feel free to reach out to us personally with questions or ideas! Thank you for your support and prayers!

Morgan’s Journey

Physical fitness has always been an important  part of my life in some form , with many highs and lows, goals, competitions, admiration of other women, “reasons why I exercise”, registration fees,  and yoyo dieting. In January 2021  I took my first spin class that was spiritually based; What an unforgettable experience that was to connect the mind and body through exercise.  I’ve committed myself to this program every Sunday morning for 35 weeks because it has become a form of worship for me, preparing my heart and mind before coming to church.  

In the last three months I have had three separate conversations about my physical fitness journey. I am feeling convicted of worshiping Peloton or worshiping myself instead of giving glory to God for my health. When I am asked about my fitness journey… I don’t want to  say “Peloton is the way! Here is my referral code;  instead  My Lord is calling me to say… “ Come join me for a free fitness class at Grounded and you’ll be able to be on this journey with me.”  

Sharing my testimony in this manner, giving women a free fitness class that is spiritually based, and being surrounded by strong women who want to glorify God in this manner has my soul on fire.  Bringing my gifts in leadership  and fitness together gives me purpose and passion in a few different areas of life I've been searching for.   I’ve been praying for Obedience since God has laid this on my heart;  whether this outreach proposal leads to a gym full of women at MGCOB in the next year  or a different path I am trusting in him.


Brittney’s Fitness Journey

My fitness journey really took off the summer of 2017.  I found myself struggling to make it day to day, as I battled postpartum depression.  I learned to cope with  anxiety and depression through cycling.  Since then my life has taken many hard turns.  Jake and I lost our two youngest girls Demi and Kendall a year apart.  


During each grieving season I recycle my pain to fuel me for exercise.  I have kept this up as a way of healing.  I find myself in a worship for the Lord,  as I am surrounded by God's beautiful creations, on a bike ride.  Or even praising and worshiping the lord while I do a form of weight training. 


After the loss of both girls I have felt a strong "pull" that the lord wants me to use my testimony for his glory.  However...feeling that "pull" I kept hearing him say "not yet".  Until Morgan called me with her proposal.  


Ever since that conversation I have felt everything "fall into place".  I want to be a walking testimony for women who are doubting their own journey.  I feel the lord guiding me to share this way of healing and worship into other women's everyday life.  As the lord reveals this new journey,  I want to stay faithful and obedient to his plan. 

For more info feel free to contact us by clicking here