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FAQ Section

  • Who is hosting this event? This event is being hosted by the Roots Family Ministry Team, which is made up of members of the Mechanic Grove Church of the Brethren. The Mechanic Grove Church of the Brethren is an Anabaptist church located in the Southern End of Lancaster County. We seek to glorify God through worshiping him together and nurturing the body of Christ. We are dedicated to sharing the good news of Jesus and his coming kingdom through words, deeds, and actions. We're part of a larger denomination known as the Church of the Brethren. Together as a denomination we strive to “Continue the work of Jesus. Peacefully. Simply. Together."

  • What are the Bible Belles books about? The Bible Belles, created and written by Erin Weidemann, are animated books that are, “carefully crafted to create meaningful moments that bridge the gap between biblical narrative and modern application. The themes and lessons of each individual story combine to educate a young and impressionable reader about her priceless worth, internalizing that message and unlocking her potential.” (Weidemann, E., quote from Bible The series features a character named Rooney Cruz, who is walking through various common struggles that our girls face in everyday life. With the help of her personal angel, Mary, Rooney discovers the stories of five different courageous women from the Old Testament. For more information, please visit:

  • What can I expect at this event? The Bible Belles event at Mechanic Grove Church of the Brethren will be a 4 hour event that will include praise and worship time, a buffet lunch, and 5 different stations (one for each Bible Belle!) At each station girls will:

    • Learn the Biblical accounts of each Bible Belle (Hannah, Esther, Abigail, Ruth and Deborah)

    • Participate in fun activities and crafts

    • Engage in prompted, relationship-building discussions with the adult woman accompanying her

    • There will be a specific session for only the adult women to attend while the girls are continuing to learn about one of the Bible Belles.

      • This is not required of the adult women to attend - you may stay with your child if you wish!

  • Is the adult female required to be with the girl for the duration of the event? Yes - our vision for this event is to provide a meaningful time to be shared between the young and adult ladies attending. The only exception is if the adult woman would like to participate in the adult only session during the event. 

  • Will lunch be served? Yes, a buffet lunch will be served. Please specify any allergies when registering for the event.

  • Do I need to bring anything? No, but we encourage you to bring your Bible! (It is not required!)

  • I have more than one girl I would like to bring - is that ok? Sure, that is fine! If more than one girl is attending, you may bring an extra adult female to attend also (but no more). We ask that you do not register more than 4 girls per registration “group”. If there are more than four girls you would like to bring, please fill out an additional registration form along with the name of the adult that is responsible for them during the event. 

  • What is the cost? This event is free. There will be an offering collected during the event to benefit Children’s Disaster Services - a ministry of the Church of the Brethren. For information, please visit:

  • Is this only for Mechanic Grove members? No! This event is open to the community!

  • What is the age suggestion for this event? The HEARD (Bible Belles) series is designed for pre-readers to early independents (ages 4-10). However, this particular event will offer discussions and activities suited for girls in grades 1-6. 

  • Is this a Mother’s Day event? This event is not specifically a Mother’s Day event, but we are thrilled that the Lord provided the opportunity for it to be held on this special weekend.

  • What is the deadline to sign up? The deadline is April 10th. 

  • What is the maximum number of attendees? We are capping the event at 60 girls - that will attend with their mother or another important female figure in their life.  

  • Who do I contact if I have additional questions? Additional questions may be directed to the following e-mail address:

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