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Our vision for a comprehensive family ministry, serving our nursery-aged children to the young adults of the church, looks like the trees out in our “grove.”

  • They have deep roots, the Family Ministry program values Scripture as Roots,                   our primary focus. 

  • The trees in the Grove have wide branches that stretch high and wide. The Family Ministry program values reaching up, being a disciple of Jesus and reaching out, making disciples. 

  • The trees in the Grove stand tall together, likewise Family Ministry at Mechanic Grove will be made possible and most effective as a Whole Family, Whole Church program. Ministry for all ages, but on by all church members and pastors. 

  • And finally, the trees in the Grove have stood the test of time. Similarly, the Family Ministry program desires to honor Brethren practices and community traditions. 

  • We desire for our kids, youth and young adults, the same as Paul did for the church in Colossians “So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, 'rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.” Colossians 2:6-7

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Kids need to know how much they are loved by Jesus as much as adults. We have amazing Sunday school classes, an active Children's church program, as well as opportunities for children to participate in Sunday morning worship. Add in our WOW Wednesdays and our summer VBS and you have some amazing opportunities for kids to get to know Jesus.

Being a middle or high school student isn't easy. There is a lot of stress. We strive to create a safe space for students to explore their faith where they don't need to be stressed about meeting demands and don't have to be fearful of being judged as they work out what they believe. Teens bring an amazing vibrancy and willingness to question the status quo and we love having them as a part of our church family.


We know how important sharing a meal together is to life, family, and friendship. We also know how crazy life gets. That's why we gather on Wednesday evenings for a delicious meal and wonderful conversation. After our meal, we have engaging activities for children, a Bible study for middle and high school students, and a prayer gathering for adults.

We all know that it can be too easy to remain anonymous in a worship service with a couple hundred folks in attendance. We never want that to happen, but we know that when it does small groups and Sunday School classes are a wonderful way to connect and form friendships that last a lifetime. Being involved in a Sunday School class or small group is an essential way grow and stay engaged.


Humans have this amazing capacity for creativity. God has granted us some astounding artistic talents. Whether you love singing in a choir, playing bells, participating in skits and dramas, shredding on a guitar, or creating beautiful works of art there is a place for you to plug in and use your talents to create friendships, enjoy yourself, and worship God.

For meeting places of our Adult Sunday School Classes, please contact the Church Office at 717.786.2723 ext 150 or Option 0
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