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We all know that it can be too easy to remain anonymous in a worship service with a couple hundred folks in attendance. We never want that to happen, but we know that when it does small groups and Sunday School classes are a wonderful way to connect and form friendships that last a lifetime. Being involved in a Sunday School class or small group is an essential way grow and stay engaged.

Group Name




Mary Etta Reinhart

6 AM Monday (Zoom Available)

Tuesday Night Care Group

Mary Etta Reinhart

7 PM 1st and 3rd Tuesday

Men’s Bible Study

Dave Delong

7 AM Saturday

“D” (Discipleship) Group - Women’s 

Janae McMichael

7 PM Tuesday evening

Ladies Bible Study

Ellie Holzhauer
Carol Trimble

9 AM Thursday

Roots evening Bible Study

Kevin Richardson
Mary Etta Reinhart

6:30 pm 1st & 3rd Wednesday evenings

Weekly Prayer Gathering

Kay Swarr

Mary Etta Reinhart

7 PM Monday        

(starts in October meeting via Zoom)

Motorcycle Group

Ken and Connie Rutt

Decided by group

Art Group

June Howell

10 AM Tuesdays

Book Group

Connie Rutt

Mary Etta Reinhart

Meets monthly as decided by group

Looking to share your musical gifts? Click here for our choirs.

If you would like to join a small group, please contact the church office to see which one
would fit your spiritual needs.

Church office: 717.786.2723 Ext 150 or Option 0
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